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ComAp MainsPro G99TT Protection Relay (with seal)

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ComAp MainsPro G99 Mains Protection Relay

ComAp MainsPro G99TT Protection Relay (with seal)

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ComAp MainsPro G99TT (with seal)

MainsPro G99TT is a G99 compliant type tested mains protection relay for on-grid parallel-to-mains photovoltaic applications. It provides adjustable voltage, frequency and loss of mains protections to safeguard both the distribution network and the generators.

The G99 functions were added as a result of UK adopting EU Commission Regulation on harmonising network standards known as Requirements for Generators (RfG) into GB Distribution and Grid Codes.

The main change is moving from Vector to ROCOF (Rate of Change of Frequency) protection to detect how quickly the system frequency is changing by continuously sampling the frequency of mains voltage. Now ROCOF is the only approved method for Loss of Mains.

The unit has protection settings set during the manufacturing process. Some of the settings cannot be changed and some are locked in a way that only authorized personnel can change them.


  • Easy set-up via a user-friendly interface
  • Full ENA EREC G99 Type Tested compliance
  • True RMS measurement
  • Required for all new installations in the UK from 27 April 2019
  • Wide power supply and measurement range
  • Simple wiring with detachable connectors
  • Remote binary communication
  • Suitable for standard DIN rail installation
  • Advanced frequency, voltage and loss of mains protections
  • History track (last 5 events)
  • Integrated mechanical lock to secure your setting
  • Breaker failure protection and watchdog 
  • Resistance to frequency jumps
  • Two stage settings of voltage and frequency protections
  • Support of 3-phase and 1-phase applications
  • Voltage protection settings can be adjusted only by authorised personnel
  • IP20 Protection
  • 2-year warranty
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