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Founded in 1993 and part of BMW Group, Solarwatt is a German photovoltaic pioneer and manufacturer of premium-quality solar systems. Solarwatt are the European market leader in Glass-Glass solar panel technology and are renowned for quality, performance, and longevity. Solarwatt have sold over 10 million panels worldwide.

Sustainable Innovation: Cradle-to-Cradle Certified
Solarwatt meet the independent, globally recognised circular economy standard for their Glass-Glass modules. Cradle to Cradle is an independently verified product-specific sustainability certification where the entire life cycle of the product is assessed and evaluated based on environmental and social performance.

Tested to German quality standards
Solarwatt’s high-quality panels are designed and tested in Germany. Moreover, Glass-Glass panels come with a 30-year product and performance warranty which guarantees 87% left in the panel at year 30.

Additional 5-year all-risk insurance cover
Solarwatt Glass-Glass panel customers benefit from a free 5-year all-risk ‘FullCoverage’ insurance that covers* the entire PV system up to 1,000 kWp and includes modules, mounting systems, inverters, and qualifying storage systems.

* Unlock the FullCoverage advantage by choosing a Huawei storage system alongside Solarwatt PANEL VISION modules. If the system is damaged or needs to be replaced, FullCoverage will cover all repair or replacement costs. This means the solar power system is protected in case it delivers less power than expected or in the event of damage due to extreme mechanical incidents or weather-related stress, offering installers and their customers the ultimate peace of mind.


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