Solplanet ASW LT G2 Pro, 3.0kW, 3ph Inverter, ASW3K-LT G2 Pro | Alternergy

Solplanet 3.0kW, 3ph 2MPPT Inverter, WiFi-Stick, With DC

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Solplanet 40kW, 3ph 3MPPT Inverter, With DC

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Solplanet 4.0kW, 3ph 2MPPT Inverter, WiFi-Stick, With DC

Solplanet 3.0kW, 3ph 2MPPT Inverter, WiFi-Stick, With DC

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Solplanet | Alternergy

Solplanet ASW LT G2 Pro, 3.0kW, 3ph 2MPPT Inverter, WiFi-Stick, With DC

The ASW 3-10K LT-G2 Pro three-phase string inverter series delivers the latest innovations for residential and commercial use.

The inverters include 2 independent MPP trackers and up to 20A rated input current per MPPT. They are perfectly compatible with high power, bifacial and larger size wafer-based solar panels. A wide MPPT range with 150% oversizing of the PV power array ensures high energy yield and flexibility in nearly every application.

Solplanet’s cloud-based app provides user-friendly, quick setup and easy commissioning features.


  • Quick & easy-to-install with standard tools
  • Compact wall mount design (bracket included)
  • Max 20A input current, ideal for bifacial and large area PV modules
  • Wide MPP voltage range 150V-1000V with low start up voltage – increased generation in low light conditions
  • 150 % PV array oversizing for higher yields
  • SUNCLIX DC Plug-in connectors
  • Built-in Type II surge protection device both DC & AC side
  • IP66 protection design for outdoor use
  • Easy commissioning & monitoring with cloud-based Solplanet app
  • Wi-Fi stick included
  • 10-Year warranty
More Information
Brand Solplanet
Rated Power (W) 3,000
Max DC Power (W) 4,500
Inverter Phase 3
Total No. of Strings 2
No. of MPP Trackers 2
MPPT Voltage Range / Rated Input Voltage (V) 150-1000
Start-up Input Voltage (V) 180
Max. Input Voltage (V) 1,100
European Efficiency (%) 97.9
Integrated DC Switch Yes
Inverter IP Rating IP66
Depth (mm) 183
Height (mm) 435
Width (mm) 503
Product Weight (Kg) 15
Grid Connection Standards (G98/G99/G100) G98, G100-2
Warranty Period 10 Years

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