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Viridian Solar is a UK-based manufacturer of roof integrated solar panels taking building integration of solar to the next level. Viridian manufacture sleek, low-profile roof-integrated solar panels that replace the tiles or slates on the roof to make solar a genuine home improvement.

Viridian is perfect for domestic solar and can be installed easily in a new roof application, as well as retrofit. The solar panels and flashings can be fitted to the roof first and then the roof covering can be fixed around them - the panels sit flush with the roof tiles rather than being mounted on a frame on top.

Advantages of Viridian roof integrated system:

  • Economical - price comparable with above-roof installation
  • Rapid - push-fit connections create weather-tight and secure fixing
  • Sleek - invisible clamps for uncluttered aesthetic
  • Simple - no need for roof modifications. Works with slate and tile
  • Robust and safe - wind resistance is more than four times higher than competitor products. Highest fire ratings.
  • Panels can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • No more loose components - All parts are neatly packaged in kits, including all accessories such as screws, sound and seal are delivered in simple colour-coded packages that match Viridian Fusion Configurator's shopping list.

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