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ComAp MainsPro G99 Mains Protection Relay

Mains Protection Control, Comap CC-Intellipro-P, Alternergy

Comap CC-Intellipro-P Programmed MAINS Protection Control

ComAp MainsPro G99TT Protection Relay, MP1G99TTAAB | Alternergy

ComAp MainsPro G99TT Protection Relay (with seal)

ComAp MainsPro G99 Mains Protection Relay

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ComAp MainsPro G99 Mains Protection Relay

MainsPro is a G99 protection relay for mains-to-parallel applications, including renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic plants.

It provides adjustable voltage, frequency and loss of mains protections to safeguard both the distribution network and the generators.

If you are generating power in parallel to the mains, you will need ‘loss of mains’ protection. This is essential to avoid supplying your electricity into an islanded grid, which may lead to possible equipment damage or safety issues.


  • Unrivalled safety for installers and service engineers
  • Compatibility with DNO testing procedures
  • True RMS measurement for increased accuracy, reliable evaluation of failures
  • Vector Shift and Rate of change of frequency (ROCOF) protections available in one unit to choose the best fit to secure your site
  • Symmetrical components for better detection of voltage asymmetry failures
  • Two stage settings of voltage and frequency protections to cover short term as well as long term disturbances with appropriate priority
  • Free assignment of 5 relay outputs allows wide range of signaling and trip methods
  • Free assignment of 4 binary switches to remotely change operation of the unit
  • Adjustable time delay of Automatic fault reset which avoids necessity of on-site personnelUniversal power supply 8-40 VDC, 85-265 VAC, 110-370 VDC
  • Selectable voltage range 120/230/400 VAC with over-range to 156/290/520 VAC makes the unit independent on application
  • Supports 3-phase and 1-phase applications
  • Last 5 trips record providing evidence of cause of trip
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