Santon Fireman/Firefigther Switch DFS-14-W, Alternergy

Santon Firefighter Safety Switch, Unit with Cable Glands

Santon Firefighter Safety Switch,DFS-14 | Alternergy

Santon Firefighter Safety Switch (With Knock Outs)

Santon Firefighter Safety Switch, Unit with Cable Glands

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Santon | Alternergy

Santon Fireman Safety Switch, with cable glands

In most photovoltaic systems, the DC isolator is integrated into the DC/AC power inverter. After switching off the DC isolator, the cables between the DC solar modules and DC/AC power inverter running through the building are still subject to up to 1000 V DC. In the event of a fire, firefighters are exposed to a very serious source of potential danger.

The Santon domestic firefighter safety switch (DFS) provides the solution. It directly disconnects the DC current in close proximity to the solar modules and creates a safer situation for firefighters.

The DFS is powered by a motorized X-type switch and can therefore be located directly at the PV modules. The DFS automatically switches off if the regular AC power is down and automatically switches on when the regular AC power is on again.

Santon ‘snap-action’ spring mechanism, with its response time of only 3 milliseconds, reduces the electric arc. In combination with the self-cleaning contacts, this increases durability and safety.


  • 2 Strings
  • 4 Poles
  • 2 MPPT
  • With cable glands 9 x M12
  • Easy to install for small to large, existing and new installations
  • Motor driven switch disconnect
  • Robust plastic enclosure IP65
  • Dimensions:
    Height (mm): 105
    Length (mm): 175
    Width (mm): 210
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Brand Santon
Product Weight (Kg) 1.35

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