Genius Roof - Flat Tiled Kit, SFS003, Alternergy

Genius Roof - Flat Tiled Kit

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K2 Universal End Clamp One BLACK 30-42mm

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Genius Roof - Flat Tiled Kit

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Genius Roof - Flat Tiled Kit

The SolarFlash™ system is a simple and effective waterproof solution to refitting roofing slates or tiles around a roof bracket when installing solar photovoltaic, or other, panels.

By installing with SolarFlash™, it can help you to ensure that all your installations are MCS 012 compliant.

SolarFlash™ is very easy to install and enables you to do an excellent job and leave the roof with a clean, reliable and weatherproof finish, without any additional expert knowledge or training.

Why you need SolarFlash™

The existing method of dressing a flashing material around the bracket is fundamentally flawed, as the bracket moves and in doing so can move the flashing material, which can potentially lead to damaged or cracked slates.

This impacts on the weathertightness of the roof and means that the installation is not MCS 012 compliant.

Parts included are:

  • 1 x Small SolarFlash (H 235mm by W 251mm)
  • 1 x Weather stop foam
  • 2 x Shims

Designer note: The Genius refit kits are compatible with most roof anchors but be aware a 30mm step up distance is required from the anchor fixing plate and the arm of the roof anchor. Generally this means anchors designed for plain tiles are most suited and certain products are not compatible. Non compatible components are: SCH-256313, SCH-257125, SCH-256315, SLT-102001-000, SLT-102001-001, REN-920005.

For any specific clarification, please let us know.

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