Staubli, MC4 Connector Male, Alternergy

Staubli MC4 Connector Male

Staubli, MC4 Connector Female, Alternergy

Staubli MC4 Connector Female

Staubli, MC4 EVO2 Connector Female, Alternergy

Staubli MC4 EVO2 Connector Female (4-6mm²)

Staubli MC4 Connector Male

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Staubli MC4 Connector Male

The Multi-Contact PV Plug connector system permits pre-assembly of the PV modules at the site or workshop. This allows equipment from the inverter to the module to be installed quickly by skilled the installers.

These connectors require the correct crimping tool to ensure a solid connection to the field cable. We can supply the relevant tools if required.

The cable coupler on carrier band 1,5 – 2,5mm² / 4 – 6mm²

As an alternative, the MC4Evo2 is a new addition to the MC4 range by Staubli, addressing the higher voltage output of the new, larger modules. The Evo2 model is almost identical in function and installation as the previous model, but is rated at 1500 Volts which is common for the larger 350+ W modules in the market today.

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