Solar Mounting, K2 Add On, 1005530, Alternergy

K2 Add On

Solar Mounitng, K2 Mid Clamp XS Black Set 34-38mm, 1005158, Alternergy

K2 Mid Clamp XS Set Black 34-38mm

Solar Mounting, K2 SingleRail 36 - Rail Connector Set, 2001976, Alternergy

K2 SingleRail 36 - Rail Connector Set

K2 Add On

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K2 Add On

K2 Add On is a ‘rail-share’ method, so the underlying rail structure is aligned to the long sides of the module frames, with one rail supporting the modules above and below. Modules are clamped using our Add-ons.

The K2 AddOn mounting adapter enables grid or shared-rail installation without additional rails or clamps. Fits all K2 SolidRails, CrossRails, SingleRails and SpeedRails.

Material: glass fibre reinforced polyamide. For module frame height 35-50 mm.

Also available in a box of 250 units.

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Brand K2
Product Weight (Kg) 0.05
Components Adapters / Climbers / Plates
Warranty Period 12 Years

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