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Tigo TS4 - O Optimiser Cover for Smart Modules

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Tigo TS4 - O Optimiser Cover for Smart Modules



The TS4-O  is one of the 5 functional covers that plugs in the Tigo Integrated Modular base (TS4-B) and the Retrofit Modular base (TS4-R).   

Features: Increased energy yield, Greater design flexibility, Shade and age tolerance, Maximised roof usage, plus all the benefits of safety.

 TIGO Advice For Retrofit Panel Replacement

 Tigo can work ‘plug and play’ on any module under 52 Voc, and is compatible with any inverter.

• Tigo should ALWAYS be installed on the LOWEST Wp module in a string, NOT the larger Wp modules in a string.  Therefore if you used a higher Wp replacement module, all the other existing lower Wp modules would need optimisers, so would not make any sense using a higher Wp replacement module.  Therefore ALWAYS use a lower Wp replacement module.!!

• If you are installing Tigo even on one replacement module in a string that is connected to an MPPT tracker which has other parallel strings attached, then every module would need Optimisers to be able to function correctly. Therefore makes sense to ONLY install Tigo on a replacement module if it is on a string on its own MPPT tracker.  This means careful re-jigging of the modules to ensure any replacements go on one string on one tracker.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight (kg) 0.4700
Brand Tigo
Type Optimisers
Phase Type Single & Three Phase