Sungrow SBR064 HV Battery – 6.4kWh Kit |Alternergy

Sungrow SBR064 HV Battery – 6.4kWh Combo Kit

Sungrow SBR High Voltage Battery 3.2kWh, ASA00460 |Alternergy

Sungrow SBR High Voltage Battery Module 3.2kWh

Sungrow SBR064 HV Battery – 6.4kWh Combo Kit

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Sungrow SBR064 HV Battery – 6.4kWh Kit

The Sungrow SBR Series is a modular high voltage battery system made of LFP (LiFePO4) cells and is used with Sungrow hybrid inverters. The system is designed for residential energy storage.

The Sungrow SBR064 consists of 2x3.2 kWh stackable battery modules pre-wired with a rated DC power of 3.84kW. Due to the lower voltage, this system is only applicable for Sungrow single phase hybrid series (SH-XX RS). 

This two-battery system not only offers impressive performance, but also safety, flexibility and easy installation. It can be used for self-consumption increase and backup applications.

Key Features:

  • Up to 30A continuous charging and discharging current with high efficiency
  • DoD (Depth of Discharge): 100% - Utilise the entire capacity of the battery
  • Flexibility: Expandable throughout the entire service life. Supports 2-8 modules per stack max, max.4 stacks in parallel, 6.4-25.6 kWh capacity range
  • Easy installation: Compact and lightweight for installation by one person. Plug and play, wireless stackable. Each module has convenient handles for easy handling, as well as a reduced weight of 33kg
  • Mounting Method: Floor Stand
  • Easy commissioning, the battery is recognised automatically by the Sungrow iSolarcloud
  • Safety: Rely on lithium iron phosphate battery cells and a multi-level protection design and extensive safety certification, including the stringent VDE2510-50
  •  IP55 protection rating
  • The entire system comes with a 10-year warranty
  • This solution is also compatible with Sungrow’s 7kW single-phase electric chargers


The SBR064 system consists of:

  • 2 x SBR 3.2kWh HV Batteries
  • 1 x Dummy Battery Unit (empty module)
  • SBR Accessory Pack


Regarding monitoring, the combo includes the Winet-S communication dongle and the S100 meter. The Winet-S combines WiFi and Ethernet so you can install it the way you prefer. In addition, you can perform the commissioning either on-site or fully online and hybrid (start in the field and finish remotely). To visualise the data, Sungrow has the free iSolarCloud app for web and mobile.

More Information
Brand Sungrow
Product Weight (Kg) 90
Manufacturer Part Number Sungrow SBR064 Combo (Accessory box AST03129, Empty module AS100613, 2x SMR032 ASA00460)
Battery Power (kWh) 6.4
High / Low Voltage Battery High Voltage
Nominal Voltage (V) 128
Depth Of Discharge (%) 100
Backup Capable Yes
Battery IP Rating IP55

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