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Walsh Mushrooms


Mushroom supplier benefits with 426kW of solar panels

Walsh Mushrooms has been a key supplier of quality mushrooms to UK supermarkets for the last 40 years. They supply 500 tonnes of mushrooms to all sectors each week accounting for over 17% of the UK market. Their packaging and distribution warehouse at Evesham has high energy requirements using over 1,100,000 units of electricity per annum.

To continue their commitment towards sustainable mushroom development the business decided to invest in solar which would help reduce their carbon footprint and running costs. Alan Walsh, Chairman of Walsh Mushrooms confirmed “Mypower’s price in the tender process was competitive and following my research on Mypower and verifying their references I awarded them the contract based on professionalism, attention to detail and price as well as their complete project management offering.”

The initial contract was for 149.5kW, however towards the end of completion Mr Walsh’s confidence in Mypower and solar grew and he considered  using additional roof space. Walsh Mushrooms have expanded further constructing a new building on site. Due to the success of the solar panels on their original building, Mypower installed a second solar PV installation on their new building bringing the total to 426.81kW.

A detailed monitoring system showing a live feed of solar data is displayed in reception. It provides minute by minute, inverter by inverter figures on the performance of the solar PV. This intelligent system can send data anywhere including laptops and smart phones. Should a fault arise, the system will detect this and an email will be automatically sent to Mypower and Walsh Mushrooms so the issue can be fixed promptly.

Key facts and predictions – amended to August 2016 rates

• 426.81kW (1,604 REC panels) installed by Mypower
• 362,473kWh of electricity produced per annum (site specific prediction from PV Sol, typically conservative by 2 to 10%).
• 180 tonnes – CO2 emissions avoided per annum.
• £43,263 – Projected first year income and savings assuming 95% of electricity is used on site.
• 12.1% – Projected first year return on capital invested, before capital allowance benefits.
• 2.25 million – Total projected income and savings over 25 years after indexation.
• 5 year system payback before finance, tax and capital allowance benefits.
• 4.6 p/kWh – Equivalent forward purchase price of 8.1M units of electricity over 25 years.


System Details

Mypower • Quercus House • Toddington • GL54 5EB

01242 620 894 •

Supplier: Alternergy Limited • 0203 763 7000 •
Modules: 1,604 x REC Solar Panels (260PE & 275TP)
System Size: 426.81 kWp
Installation Date: June 2015
Location: Evesham

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