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Pine Trees Business Park

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The Task

Enviko installed this 34kW system using Panasonic’s hybrid HIT modules and SMA Tripower inverters. The system was installed at Pine Trees Business Park on Unit Five’s flat roof. The new development is a great opportunity for a solar PV system, generating electricity for the office space, cutting down the cost of bills for it’s occupants. You can see from the SAP annual estimates below that the system will save 15.26 tonnes of CO2 per year and the combination of electricity savings and the Feed-in Tariff means the total annual savings amount to over £6000.

System Results

These Feed-in Tariff rates show what sort of money can be earned on an annual basis from a system of this size as well as the expected Carbon Dioxide reductions. The estimated payback of this system is 8.5 years, but as Panasonic HIT panels are much more efficient than traditional products, it may be much shorter. The table below is based on FiT rates up to 1st May 2013 and assumes 75% usage and 25% deemed export.

System Specifics SAP Annual Estimates
System Size (kWp)


Output (kWh)


Tilt (degrees)


CO2 Savings (tonnes)




Applicable FiT (pence)


Level of Overshadowing

None or Very Little



Fitted to

an Existing Building

Electricity Savings


Your Electricity Tariff (pence)


Export Tariff


Is electric used during the day


Total Savings


System Details

Enviko | 0840 189 9894 |


156 x Panasonic HIT-N240SE10 Hybrid Solar Panel


1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL
1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000TL

System Size:

33.6 kWp

Installation Type:

Flat Roof


Pinetrees Business Park, Staines

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