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Design Tools & Info

Here you will find all the tools and information you need to design your PV installation.

K2 Base On

K2 Base On Software

The new free software K2 Base On is now available online. You can easily calculate your mounting kit for pitched and flat roof systems using this virtual planning tool.

Viridian Fusion Configurator Tool

Viridian Configuration is dowloadable from our website. Please follow the link below.

GSE In-Roof System Calculator

You can download the GSE In-Roof design tool by following the link below.

SMA Sunny Design Tool

The SMA Sunny Design tool makes designing PV installations easier. Includes energy analysis and high-res meteorological data.


Plan your PV system easily with Zeverplan.

SolarEdge Site Designer

SolarEdge Sizing Tool

This tool recommends the number optimisers and PV inverter.

SOLIS Inverter Design Tool

The new Solis Design tool is an online system to find the right Solis inverter to your PV array.

PV Log

PV Log is the solar social network, allowing you to monitor and compare solar energy yields.

PV Sol

The photovoltaic installer software, for simply and easily designing PV systems.