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Meet The Team

Rajiv Bhatia, MBA

Founder and Director

Rajiv Bhatia - Founder and Director Having previously worked for Alan Sugar at Amstrad and Richard Branson at Virgin, Rajiv brings a clear business head to the solar PV market.

Starting out as a tax consultant, he learnt about structure, organisation and the merit of getting things done in the business world. He then began to work for Virgin, initially within indirect taxes before branching out to business development. This was followed by a brief stint at Amstrad during the dotcom boom, before working in consultancy and dabbling in his own business ventures.

He began working in Solar PV as a consultant before spotting the growing demand for PV systems in the UK. Rajiv went on to found Alternergy in 2006 where his ambition and keen business sense led Alternergy to become one of the top three solar PV distributers in the UK and awarded first and second place as Britain’s fastest growing company in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Rajiv delivers a clear statement for what Alternergy stands for; “Quality, Value and Integrity”; providing quality products at competitive prices. He believes one thing is central to Alternergy’s reputation; “We won’t cut corners. Our integrity as a company is massively important.”

His passion for renewables drives the company forward and his charismatic nature is what makes the office a really great place to work in.

See more on Rajiv by James Hurley in the Telegraph and Bloomberg TV


Ecommerce, Sales & Marketing

Zoe - Ecommerce, Sales & Marketing Zoe is our ecommerce manager, working in collaboration with web developers LogicSpot to set up and develop our online shop, enabling customers to buy solar products at the click of a button.

Zoe has worked in renewables since 2010, joining Top50-Solar to help create PV-Log; the networking and monitoring site for PV owners. She first met Rajiv when they stormed parliament in the “Cut Don’t Kill” solar rally in 2011 – they have been friends ever since! She graduated in Biology and Psychology from Exeter University, followed by many years working in media and IT project management. Like many of our team, Zoe enjoys making the most of the environment by skiing, surfing, travelling and salsa.

Contact Zoe on 020 3763 7011 for Ecommerce and marketing enquiries.


Account Manager

Regina - Account Manager Regina, our Technical Design and Sales Executive, manages customers in the whole of Ireland, London and the South East.

Originally from Hungary, she studied Japanese language and culture, before cultivating an interest in renewable energy. She has obtained a BSc degree in Environmental Studies while she has been working with us, continually accumulating knowledge in renewables, whilst increasing the performance of the team as a whole.

Even when out of the office, Regina’s passion is eco-architecture which she teams with her love of cycling and hiking to truly make the most of the natural environment.

Contact Regina on 020 3763 7010 for sales enquiries.


Administration and Accounts

Barbara - Administration and Accounts Barbara graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2008. She previously worked as an account assistant in Poland before moving to the UK, and has since found her feet within the PV industry. Her role within Alternergy is in administration and accounts, helping to keep the cogs well-oiled behind the scenes.

She keeps up to date with the industry by reading technical magazines and enjoys skiing and swimming in her spare time.


Financial Controller

Agnieszka - Financial Controller Agnieszka is the financial controller for Alternergy, managing customer accounts and the company’s finances.


General Manager

Lisa - General Manager Lisa works amongst all levels of the business, overseeing a range of departments from logistics to sales and technical installations. She worked as a retail purchaser in New Zealand before travelling to the UK in search of new opportunities.

From there on in, she met Rajiv and became engrossed in the world of solar. She now works as key purchaser, liaising with customers and manufacturers alike, overseeing Alternergy’s portfolio mix. Lisa regularly attends trade shows and seminars, furthering her knowledge through all levels of the supply chain.

Bolt and Pepper

Top Dogs

Bolt and Pepper - Office dogs What is your position within the company? We run this company!

Any formal education? We are so cute, it just does not matter.

How did you get into Solar PV/Renewable Energy? Our ghastly owner forced us into this when we were just puppies. Is there a law against Child Labour? Or should that be “Puppy Labour”?

When did you first join Alternergy? March 2013.

Where are you from? We’re from the wild and snowy lands of the Alpine Forests.

Hobbies and interests? We love to chew people’s shoes and slippers, preferably designer brands that cost a lot