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Subsidy Cuts – What this means to you

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There has been a lot of recent talk in the industry regarding the impending subsidy cuts: here’s a quick synopsis of what it means to you:

  • It is likely there will be a 3.5% FIT cut 1st October for sub 10kw installations.
  • DECC have announced a consultation as it is likely no new large solar projects will be funded in UK under ROC scheme
  • As ground mount installs diminish this will potentially cause a surge for rooftop installs under the FIT. However, the rules specify that if more than 130MWp are installed under the FIT 50+ kWp band in any one quarter, the FIT will reduce by 28%. This will make such installations largely financially nonviable in the future.
  • A review will take place “later in 2015″ on the FIT scheme, which will almost certainly result in reductions in larger commercial installs in Jan 1st and April 1st 2016
  • implications are that smaller residential will continue to be supported but almost certainly at lower rates
  • the impending cuts are already impacting panel demands and REC have notified us of a recent surge in panel demand.

We will keep you updated with news of any changes. Currently we have good stock levels of REC, Suntech, Vikram and Panasonic. If you need any further information just speak to one of the team!


  1. No existing installations will retain the FIT subsidy level at the time of their commissioning, it only applies to new installations.

    Zoe Symington — August 13th, 2015

  2. will cuts apply to existing installations or only to new installations commissioned after some date possibly Oct 2015

    Sam Hyndman — August 13th, 2015

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