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FREE Bosch 3.68 kW Inverter – First 200 customers!

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BPT-S string inverter

NEW! FREE BOSCH 3.68 Inverter unit – Special Offer Limited to  first 200 customers only!**

We are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking BOSCH 3.68 Inverters and to celebrate this we have a  special promotion of one FREE Bosch 3.68 inverter for the first 200 customers only!

**To qualify you must complete the 2-3 hour free Bosch training course which will be provided at your premises.
When completed Bosch will send out a Certificate to you which can  be redeemed on your  first order.

Bosch is the latest entrant into the Solar inverter market, even though they have a long history within the electrical inverter sector. Bosch are one of the largest manufacturers in the world of inverters and they are releasing a range of exciting, state of the art inverters over the coming months, eventually covering the whole range of inverters, from residential systems to large commercial.We are now stocking the new 3.68 Bosch inverter from BOSCH

This high quality, state of the art inverter is just the first of a whole stable of inverters due to be released by Bosch. An Internationally recognised and Global brand, Bosch are a world leader in the manufacture of Inverters, powering buildings, electric cars, etc.
A slimline product that is just 17 kilos in weight, this high efficiency inverter has a 97+% efficiency, making it one of these best in class. All this with the full backup of the Bosch group, making it one of the most exciting product launches within Solar PV in recent years.

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