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SMA Sunny Island 4.4M

SMA Sunny Island 4.4M
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Brand: SMA

Product Code: SMA-SI4.4M-11

Product Description


Sunny Island 3.0M / 4.4M

More durable than its predecessors: The new Sunny Island impresses with its high protection class and wide temperature range. Moisture, dust and temperature fluctuations won’t impair its operation, even after 20 years. Thanks to OptiCool, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to overload capacity and economic viability. And there’s more: OptiPower, the intelligent load and energy management system, ensures operation even in critical situations. OptiUse makes installation, commissioning and daily use easier than ever with automatic rotary field detection, an optimized quick configuration guide and intuitive operation. And the intelligent OptiBat battery management system automatically controls the most important charging and discharging procedures, which extends the service life of sensitive energy storage. Sunny Island is a truly comprehensive package for a worry-free, reliable and self-sufficient electricity supply. Sunny Island 3.0 and 4.4 are ideal for on-grid and off-grid applications when using small systems with a lower power range.


Designed for rough ambient conditions for stand alone or grid back up operation. Rated to give a power output of 3.0kW or 4.4kW for 30 min.

  • IP54 protection to allow outdoor installation if required.
  • High efficiency (>95%);
  • Low standby & idle consumption (25W/4W);
  • Operating temperature range of -25 to +60 deg C.
  • OptiCool system ensures high power in high temperatures by cooling the encapsulated transformer but keeping air ventilation away from coated circuit boards & electronics to ensure high protection for humid or salty atmospheres.
  • Includes two free programmable relays per unit to enable load shedding or other use and timers to enable daily, weekly, or monthly functions.

Key Features

  • Brand: SMA
  • Battery Size: Not Included (Max. PV input power 3.0kW)
  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Self-Consumption Capable: Yes
  • Backup Capable: Yes
  • Off Grid Capable: Yes
  • Power Class (kW): 2.1kW - 4kW
  • Battery Connection: AC Coupling
  • Weight (kg): 44.00
  • Product Dimensions: 467 x 612 x 242 mm


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