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Panasonic HIT-N285 SJ40 Hybrid Black Frame

On Sale Panasonic HIT-N285 SJ40 Hybrid Black Frame
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Brand: Panasonic

Product Code: VBHN285SJ40

Product Description


Panasonic's latest addition to the company’s high-efficiency HIT® product line. The N285 solar panel offers a shorter length design, optimally suited for the UK and European domestic and commercial markets. Its compact size makes it possible to install an additional row where space is an issue, thus maximising install power. Based on the rooftop space required by an average UK residential solar PV system, a comparable N285-based array will have an install capacity of 3.99 kWp, (14 x 285 = 3.99kWp), aligning with FiT requirements and maximising energy and earnings generated for the homeowner.  

  • High module efficiency: 18.5% based on high performing HIT solar cells
  • Just 14 panels:  to reach 3.99 kWP geared to UK FiT
  • Compact size: best fit in portrait for small roofs
  • Improved shading:  4 shading zones instead of 3
  • Water-drainage frame: allows constant drainage of accumulated water – keeping modules clean and preventing humidity build up.

Panasonic manufactures the highest efficiency solar modules today. A reputable company and a household name that is a worldwide leader in electronic technologies, setting the highest standards for development in photovoltaic (pv) products.  Panasonic employs strict materials selection and qualified manufacturing processes. A vertically integrated factory allows for exhaustive quality assessments at every step of production. The resulting modules are IEC certified by JET.

Key Features

  • Weight (kg): 18.00
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Power Class: 285W
  • Cell Type: Hybrid, Mono
  • No. of Cells: 88 (8 x 11)
  • Module Efficency: 18.5
  • Backsheet: White
  • Glass Type: AR Coated Tempered Glass
  • Connector Type: MC4
  • Product Dimensions: 1463 x 1053 x 46 mm


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