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Zeversolar TLC10K Now G59 Certified

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Zeversolar TLC10K Now G59 Certified

Eversol TLC10000 Inverter Receives G59/3 Certification

We are pleased to announce that Zeversolar’s 10kW inverter, the Eversol TLC10000, has been awarded with G59/3 certification.

This means that it can now be used in solar installations that are more than 16A per phase. The Zeversolar Eversol TLC1000 can now be used in larger systems and in conjunction with other inverters.

The new G59/3 Engineering Recommendations are now in place. There is an 18 month grace period from the 1st September 2013 launch date, meaning from 1st March 2015, all solar inverters must comply with G59/3 certifications to be installed in Britain.

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