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Engineering Recommendation G83 Update

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Engineering Recommendation G83 Update

Engineering Recommendation G83/2 effective from 1/3/14

Changes to Engineering Recommendation G83 will take effect in mainland UK on 1st March 2014. It is a key document for the solar PV industry, setting out the requirements for the connection of solar PV systems to the distribution network.

G83/2 contains some significant changes from the initial document. Amongst these are changes affecting inverters installed in sub-16A systems. Some inverters are already compliant with the G83/2 recommendation, some may need a firmware update and other discontinued products should be installed in mainland UK before the engineering recommendation takes effect on 1st March.

In Northern Ireland, G83/1 will still be effective.

You can see the firmware settings of each individual product at

Inverter Compliance

Manufacturer Compliance

G83/2. Compliant for mainland Britain. Not compliant in Northern Ireland.


You can choose the firmware version during the installation process.


G83/1 & G83/2 available.


Future-manufactured models will be G83/2 compliant.

Models SB xx00TL-10 are G83/2 compliant.

Models SB 1300/1600/2100TL, SB xx00HF-30, SB xx00TLST-21, SB xx00TL-21 are currently G83/1 but there is a firmware update available to make them G83/2 compliant. This will be available by placing a supplied SD card into the inverter before turning it on.

All discontinued products are G83/1 and are not compliant in mainland UK but are in Northern Ireland.

Fronius IG Plus

G83/1. Not compliant in mainland UK. Compliant in Northern Ireland.

Kostal Piko

G83/1. Not compliant in mainland UK. Compliant in Northern Ireland.

Additional Information

Engineering Recommendation G83 Issue 2 (August 2012) – ENA

Modification to the Distribution Code for the revision of Engineering Recommendation G83 – Ofgem

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