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SMA Microinverter 16 inverter bundle with 2 Multigates £1,137.89

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SMA has relaunched SB240 Microinverter and this is currently on offer from Alternergy in a 12 or 16 panel package. A 16 panel SMA Microinverter package currently costs £1,138, which is the equivalent of 28.5 pence per Watt.

This is £400-£500 cheaper than an equivalent competitive Microinverter system.

SMA Micro Inverter deal:
12 Micro Inverters and 1 free Multigate £777.42 (£0.26 pW)
16 Micro Inverters and 2 free Multigates £1,137.89 (£0.285 pW)

Bundles come with a selection of pre-assembled AC/DC Cables for an easy installation and free convenient PV system panel level-, real time-monitoring, integrated Webconnect to Sunny Portal via Ethernet and Remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet.

The corresponding Enphase system costs circa £1,650, or 41 pW. This is a massive saving of £500!

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