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Power-One Transition to ABB Brand

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Power-One Transition to ABB Brand

Power-One products to be sold under ABB brand name

ABB, the Swiss power technology corporation, has announced that Power-One will transition to the ABB brand this May. This move is part of the technology group’s acquisition of Power-One.

ABB acquired the solar inverter manufacturer in July 2013, creating one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios of inverters. The move to consolidate its solar inverter product offering under the ABB brand will allow the company to focus on building one strong, successful and sustainable brand.

All Power-One Renewable Energy products will remain the same, including product names such as UNO, TRIO and ULTRA, which will remain intact under the ABB brand. All product certifications in all countries will remain valid.

In addition to maintaining its current solar inverter product portfolio, ABB will continue to develop inverter, monitoring and energy storage solutions to satisfy the growing global demand for solar energy.

What will change?

All Power-One Renewable Energy assets will transition to the ABB name, logo & brand specifications on May 1st including:

  • Data sheets, manuals, sales support materials & technical documents
  • Trade show signage and hardware
  • Advertising
  • The Power-One website

The transition of product labelling and packaging will be gradual, with ABB branded products being introduced over the next couple of months.

What won’t change?

The transition is limited to the change in brand name ONLY, not the design and quality of Power-One products.

  • Power-One’s existing product offerings and part numbers will remain intact.
  • All product certificates in all countries will remain valid.
  • Inverter product databases are being updated to add ABB as the manufacturer.

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