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Reduced Price Inverters & Solar Panels

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Reduced Price Inverters & Solar Panels

Reduced Price Stock & Spare Solar Panels

We have a number of reduced price inverters and spare solar panels, all available at very low prices. All items are new, unused and in mint condition. Fronius, Kostal and SMA inverters are all high quality brand inverters, perfect for smaller installations and our spare panels are great for anyone looking for replacements.

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Inverters and Monitoring Quantity
Fronius Com Card retrofit 7
Fronius IG Datalogger Box pro 2
Fronius Datalogger Card easy IG 1
Fronius IG Personal Display 3
Fronius IG PLUS 30 V-1 8
Fronius IG PLUS 35 V-1 17
Kostal Piko 3.0 Inverters 16
SMA SB 1700 Inverters 82
SMA SB 3300 Inverters 7
SMA SB 3000 Inverters 1
SMA SB 2000HF – 30 Inverters 45
SMA SB 2500HF – 30 Inverters 48
Spare Solar Panels Quantity
Sharp ND 175E1 Mono 1
Suntech Pluto Ade-200 Mono 1
Suntech STP240S-20Wd Mono 1
Suntech STP250S-20/Wd Mono – 50 mm frame 1
Jinko JKM 250 P  250 Watt Poly 1
ReneSola JC250M-24/Bb Pol 1
Suntech STP245-20/Wd Mono 1
Panasonic HIT-N235SE51 Hybrid All Black 2
Suntech STP285-24/Vd  285 Watt Poly 2
Suntech STP255S – 20/Wd Mono – 50mm MC4 3


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