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Chinese solar manufacturers violate EU trade deal

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Chinese solar manufacturers violate EU trade deal

Chinese Manufacturers Selling Below Minimum Import Price

European solar industry initiative, EU ProSun, has submitted over 1,000 pages of documentation containing proposals by Chinese manufacturers “offering prices below the minimum level agreed by the EU Commission and China”. The documentation refers to around 1,500 violations of the EU trade deal.

They suggest that many Chinese manufacturers are violating the EU trade rules by selling below the minimum import price of 56p/wp.

Milan Nitzschke, president of EU ProSun said: “EU trade rules are being systematically violated by Chinese manufacturers. Dumped Chinese solar products continue to flood the EU market, destroying European industry and jobs. The Commission must act fast to stop these violations and implement sanctions.”

However it is the European importers who are risking hefty 50% duties on the import price if found to be in violation. The trade deal states: the affected manufacturer will be barred from the minimum price agreement for even minor violations of the requirements and the duty of around 50% of the import price is then due immediately and must be paid by the European importer. Criminal prosecution is also possible.

We would like to reassure all our customers that Alternergy, as a respected distributor in the industry, always take the utmost care to observe all trade regulations and codes of practice. Our customers will not be impacted by this.

EU ProSun Original Press Release

EUProSun_PressRelease_EN (PDF)

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