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Panasonic Achieve Record Efficiency

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Panasonic Achieve Record Efficiency

Panasonic HIT cells achieve world record efficiency of 25.6%

Last week, Panasonic announced it had achieved conversion efficiency of 25.6% in its HIT solar cells, a new world record for crystalline silicon-based PV cells. This is a major increase over the previous world record for practical-sized cells (>100cm2), also held by Panasonic, exceeding the mark by almost 1%. The record is also an improvement on small-area (4cm2) crystalline silicon-based solar cells, previously held at 25%.

The high conversion efficiency was made possible by the further development of Panasonic’s heterojunction technology and by adopting a back-contact cell structure, allowing a more efficient utilisation of sunlight. The core technologies behind the record conversion efficiency include reducing combination loss, reducing optical loss and minimising resistance loss.

Panasonic will continue to develop its HIT solar cell technology, aiming to realise higher efficiency, lower cost of production and to use resources more efficiently. They are also working towards implementing its new solar cell in mass production.

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