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Changes to FIT Triggers 77MW Solar Rush

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Changes to FIT Triggers 77MW Solar Rush

UK solar sees spike in sales in lead up to FIT deadline

77MW of solar was installed in sub-50kW systems in March in the lead up to the April Feed-in Tariff cuts. Over 30MW of this was registered in the last week of the month leading to the largest spike in the industry since July 2013.

This spike is a huge boost to the industry and, with help from the Government’s new Solar Strategy, is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Many are expecting a drop in sales in April, but the STA believe that the market has become stronger and more stable and these cuts should not affect growth. However, looking at the weekly installation figures for PV systems regularly shows a peak and trough pattern before and after changes to the Feed-in Tariff. The graph below illustrates this for the 3.5% decrease on 1st July 2013 and the 2.7% drop at the start of this year. It also shows the massive boost in PV sales towards the end of last month.

Weekly Solar PV Installation Figures (KW)


Some within the solar industry have been critical of those using ‘pressure tactics’ in order to boost short term sales during imminent FiT reductions, believing this to feed instability within the market. In fact, the latest drop would only make 36p a week difference in income from a 4kW PV system, reflecting the decreasing cost of installation.

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