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Feed-in Tariff Reduced from 1st April

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Feed-in Tariff Reduced from 1st April

Solar PV FiT reduced

Ofgem announced that solar PV systems installed from the beginning of April will fall under the new feed-in tariff rates. The relevant tariffs will come into effect on the 1st April 2014 and will remain fixed until at least 1st July 2014. The tariffs for solar PV installations are outlined below.

Feed-in Tariff rates as of 1st April 2014

Energy Source Scale Type / Rate Tariff (p/kWh)
Solar PV ≤4 kW Higher rate 14.38
Solar PV ≤4 kW Medium rate 12.94
Solar PV 4 – 10kW Higher rate 13.03
Solar PV 4 – 10kW Medium rate 11.73
Solar PV 10 – 50kW Higher rate 12.13
Solar PV 10 – 50kW Medium rate 10.92
Solar PV 50 – 150kW Higher rate 10.71
Solar PV 50 – 150kW Medium rate 9.64
Solar PV 150 – 250kW Higher rate 10.25
Solar PV 150 – 250kW Medium rate 9.22
Solar PV ≤250kW Lower rate 6.61
Solar PV ≤5MW Stand-alone 6.61
Export Tariff ≤5MW    4.77

Rates Explained

Where these rates are shown, the ‘higher rate’ prevails if neither of the following two conditions apply:

  • The ‘lower rate’ relates to energy efficiency is payable where the system provides power to a building, and the building does not have an EPC certificate showing its energy efficiency in bands A to D.
  • The ‘medium rate’ is 90% of the higher rate (rounded to two decimal places). It relates to multiple ownership and is payable where the system owner has a total of 25 FIT-registered PV installations.

OFGEM Feed-in Tariff 1 February 2013 – 1 July 2014 (PDF)

For more information visit OFGEM; the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

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