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Brazil 2014 is ‘Greenest World Cup Ever’

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Brazil 2014 is ‘Greenest World Cup Ever’

National Stadium has more solar than 11 competing countries

The 2014 World cup has been branded the ‘greenest ever’, with $1.5bn set aside to address climate issues during the world’s largest spectator event. Furthermore, this is the first World Cup promising to offset all of its carbon emissions before it even starts.

Solar is a key player, with more renewable energy being generated than any other World Cup in its 85 year history. In fact, eleven of the competing countries are unable to produce as much solar energy as Brazil’s 2.5MW national stadium, the newly constructed Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha. Factor in the other World Cup venues and Brazil’s stadia have a 5.4 MW production capacity of solar power.

Other green efforts include ensuring all match venues meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, passing a new waste management law aiming to better regulate the sorting of recyclables using local unskilled workers and flying in their national team on sustainable jet fuel. The World Cup organising committee have even partnered with UNEP to release a ‘Green Passport’ app filled with tips on how travellers can reduce their impact during the tournament.

What can we learn from the greenest world cup ever?

Event organisers have claimed the Cup will open having offset 100% of its 60,000 tonnes of direct CO2 emissions through carbon credits donated by companies in exchange for getting a ‘green seal’ as World Cup sponsors. However, when you include transporting over 3.5 million fans to the venues and broadcasting the event to millions of television sets worldwide, carbon emissions are expected to rocket to over 2 million tonnes.

“The organisers and FIFA are to be congratulated for making a considerable financial investment and making this the greenest World Cup in history,” said Practical Action’s CEO Simon Trace.

While it is a long way off becoming wholly carbon neutral, these investments are a good first step in the right direction. The fact that there has been greater investment into renewable energy for this one tournament than in 11 of the competing countries sets the standard for future sporting events.

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