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Feed-in Tariff fixed Q1 2014

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Feed-in Tariff fixed Q1 2014

OFGEM release Feed-in Tariff rates for the first quarter of 2014

It’s good news for the solar industry as rates for PV Systems up to 50kW will remain the same until at least 31st March 2014. This covers all domestic and the majority of commercial roof-mounted installations.

There will, however, be a 3.5% reduction for larger systems over 50kWp and stand-alone systems, taking effect on 1st January 2014. This reduction is smaller than speculated, but now is a good time to plan larger installations, taking advantage of the current tariff rates before they change in the new year.

The rules regarding installation methods and export metering will remain the same, as will the rules for owners with more than 25 registered PV systems.

Feed-in Tariff rates as of 1st January 2014

Energy Source Scale Type / Rate Tariff (p/kWh)
Solar PV ≤4 kW Higher rate 14.90
Solar PV ≤4 kW Medium rate 13.41
Solar PV 4 – 10kW Higher rate 13.50
Solar PV 4 – 10kW Medium rate 12.15
Solar PV 10 – 50kW Higher rate 12.57
Solar PV 10 – 50kW Medium rate 11.31
Solar PV 50 – 150kW Higher rate 10.71
Solar PV 50 – 150kW Medium rate 9.64
Solar PV 150 – 250kW Higher rate 10.25
Solar PV 150 – 250kW Medium rate 9.22
Solar PV ≤250kW Lower rate 6.61
Solar PV 250kW – 5MW 6.61
Solar PV ≤5MW Stand-alone 6.67
Export Tariff ≤5MW    4.64

OFGEM Feed-in Tariff 1 February 2013 – 31 March 2014 (PDF)

Source: Photon

For more information visit OFGEM; the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

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