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Alternergy Celebrating 10 Years In Solar

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Alternergy Celebrating 10 Years In Solar

Dear Customers

Meteorologically speaking, it is now officially Spring. Having seen the industry slow down after the cuts in the FiTs, we are starting to see the first shoots of interest coming through on Solar PV.

Enquiries are up and there is a lot more interest again for PV. As many of us know, we have been through this many times over the years. Alternergy are celebrating 10 years in the industry, and looking back, we discovered that we were selling systems when panels were costing £4 per Watt or over £800 per panel. Today, panel prices are 80% lower, so we are convinced that the industry will pick up as summer approaches.

The forecast for the renewables sector is that we will end up with a smaller yet stronger industry. A number of opportunist companies are now exiting the sector and only the strong and well run businesses will carry on. At Alternergy, we are looking forward to the next 10 years as the industry changes from a subsidy led sector to an industry that stands on its own feet.

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